Best mountain rocks for decorating small tanks

Aquascaping Mountain Rock

Mountain aquarium rock

  • Great for aquariums big or small
  • Nice light colour that makes the fish stand out more
  • Quick delivery to get it straight in your tank
  • Can be used for mountain effect or rock face and in different ways depending on your aquascape


Aquarium Rock Stone Malawi Michlids

Grey Mountain Rocks for aquarium


Mountain rock – Guide to using in your aqua scape

Rocks and aquascaping go together like bread and butter! I’m a big fan of this rock and rocky look scapes. Used with some hairgrass around the bottom they really enhance the scene and make a good wild look.

You can start them off in a new tank or add them to your existing tank.

Please note the rocks in the image are an example and not the exact rocks you get – They’re all different.

Tips for using your rock

  • Use it more towards the back of the tank
  • Trap plants under the edge of it to give a more natural appearance
  • Take the time to play around with its positioning – Make sure your happy with where you put it

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