Dwarf Hairgrass Eleocharis


Our top choice at a decent price is Tropica Hairgrass

  • Easy to plant for good carpet
  • Perfect starter plant for beginners – easy to establish and difficult to kill!
  • Fast growing in the right conditions to create a hairgrass carpet in 30 days
  • Made in a forensic environment = no snails

Eleocharis HairGrass

Planting Dwarf Hairgrass

It’s full name is Eleocharis acicularis but it’s better known as dwarf hairgrass and has been used in aquariums big and small for many years.

This product is made by Tropical live aquatic plants and comes in a pot with some gel and water to keep the plant alive.

These are shelf life products so you don’t need to plant it instantly, they will last a little while.

Once you’ve bought your Dwarf Hairgrass then its time to plant it out – this is really simple to do. Take it out of the pot and clean off the gel from the roots.

Then cut it into 6 to 8 pieces with a sharp pair of scissors.

Then you can plant it in your soil using tweezers or by hand if you find that easier.

Planting hairgrass
  • Ease of planting
  • Value
  • Packaging

Hair Grass Carpet Tips

  • Use CO2 or liquid fertiliser when its first planted to get it established quickly
  • Make sure you have a nice deep soil to plant it out in
  • If the aquatium is already full of water weight down your hairgrass with a plant weight