Fluval pressurised C02 20G

Why choose Fluval CO2 20G?

  • Perfect for tanks from 20L to 60L
  • Each canister lasts around 4 weeks
  • Diffuser slowly releases C02 to create a quality environment for your plants to grow
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to setup

Fluval C02 20g for small tanks


Fluval CO2 – Small tanks review

If you’re looking to get your plants growing in a nano aquarium then this is the product you need. CO2 and carbon are essential accesories.

I personally use this in a 34L Fluval Flex tank and the carpet of hair grass has established its self in around 3 weeks from setting up the tank.

Use it along with your lighting to have the best effect.

If its a new tank with LEDs you’ll only need 1 canister fill per day along with 8-10 hours of lights.

This will create a great environment for your plants to thrive without creating algae problems.

Small tanks ratings
  • Value
  • Ease of setup
  • Packaging

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