Buy Marsilea tropical aquarium plant

Why choose Marsilea Tropical Plant?

  • Great plant for growing on rocks – Will easily establish itself and spread.
  • Requires some CO2 when first planted to aid growth (Recommended for all planted aquariums)
  • Grown in laboratory conditions = no snails or other issues will arise from the use of Marsilea.

Marsilea Aquarium Plant


Planting Marsilea in your tank

In our opinion this is the best plant for establishing on rocks and other areas sparse of soil.

Anywhere you can find a nook to get a little soil in then the Marsilea will grow (see it live in our Fluval Flex tank below).

This is a really easy plant to establish and one pot will cut up in to 6 good size plants for you to spread out.

It can also be used in soil to make an interesting looking carpet effect which allow the shrimp and small fish to swim in amongst it.

Another good use of the plant is on bog wood where its roots will stretch over the wood to create a good look.

Our ratings
  • Ease of planting
  • Growth rate
  • Maintenance

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