Aqua One Fish Tank Reviews

The Aqua one range of fish tanks was first introduced in the UK in 2004. The allure of meeting every aquarists’ demands was irresistible, considering the brand has a diverse product range for every aspect of fish keeping as well as all levels of aquarium hobbyists.

Aqua One makes a variety of aquarium equipment, including high-quality tanks. The products are reliable and thoroughly tested to keep up with the demands that come with fish keeping.

Whether you’re a newbie looking to set up your first nano tank or an experienced hand wanting to go bigger, Aqua One has just the tank for you.

The tanks are not only high quality but impressively designed to meet the aesthetic demands of modern homes and provide your fish with an environment where they can thrive. Most modern homes with contemporary design go for a clean, overall look that is bright, airy and clean in its decor.

This includes the quality, finish and appearance of the floors in the rooms around the new aquarium. Bright and shiny hardwoods or brand new floors speak for themselves in creating a showcase for the Aqua One range of aquariums. We consulted with, a French specialist in floors that a member of my family works for, for advice and their thoughts about floors.

Their professional recommendation was to get all of the items in the home out of the rooms around the aquarium so that hardwood floors could be sandblasted and refinished. This is a far better solution than replacing older quality hardwoods with newer cheaper materials.

Thanks for the help and guidance!

Best Aqua One Tanks

In this review, we have a look at the different tank options that Aqua One offers aquarium lovers.

Aqua One Nano

aqua one nano tank

The Aqua One Nano is an entry-level tank. It has a unique design made from curved glass for interrupted viewing and the perfect addition to any home or office.

This little beauty is a 40cm by 40cm by 40cm cube that holds 55 liters of water.

The tank comes complete with a pump and heater for a tropical set up.

The design and the size of the tank make it easy to maintain and has gone as far as winning an award.

If you’re going for a minimalist tank, you can forego the pump and heat and use the tank for cold-water fish. It works just as well.

The only thing to look out for should you decide to buy the Aqua One Nano is the stock filter.

Most users have described it as weak, so it needs to be switched out as soon as you get the tank to prevent your fish from getting stuck behind the filter.

Other than that, the tank provides an excellent experience.

The Alternative – Fluval Flex Curved Glass Nano Tank 

You can look into the Fluval Flex curved Glass nano tank which has an array of impressive features as well which include;

  • Fully adjustable White + RGB 7500K LED lights that enhance color and support plant growth
  • FlexPad remote to control some fun special effects in your tank
  • Comes with a powerful 3-stage filtration with superior water quality
  • Oversize mechanical chemical and biological media

Aqua One View 380

 Click to open expanded view AquaVue Aquarium Nano Fish Tank

The Aqua One View 380 is fitted with rounded glass corners for an uninterrupted viewing experience.

It has a low energy LED lighting system with a bow front.

The low LED lighting is key in reducing energy costs for running the tank and also support plant growth without the need to add carbon.

The Aqua One View 380 has been around since 2015 and makes a good tank for tropical, cold-water fish, and even a marine set up.

Setting up the tank is easy, and if you run into any problems, there are plenty of online tutorials that can walk you through the process.

As with any other tank, you need to find a suitable spot for the new tank to make the most out of that uninterrupted view and also make sure the tank has a stable and even ground that will support the weight of the tank once it’s entirely setup.

Considering the compact design of the tank, finding an appropriate space in your home won’t be much of a problem.

While this is slightly bigger than the nano tank, it’s still fairly small which limits the variety of fish that you can have in the tank.

Nonetheless, it’s perfect for small homes that want to bring a touch of nature indoors.

The Alternative- Superfish 545625/2050 SF LED Aquarium

The Superfish 545625/625 SF LED is a great alternative to the Aqua One View 380. It is an affordable 25-liter tank that comes as a complete setup. Its impressive range of features include;

  • Top-quality highly ranked tank
  • Comes with replacement cartridges and filters
  • Affordable and great value for money
  • Measures 11cm by 11cm by 11cm. perfect for compact spaces
  • Suitable for beginners

Aqua One Vue 480

aqua one aqua vue 480 tank

The Aqua One Vue 480 stays true to Aqua One’s approach of using curved glass corners to improve the viewing of their tank. The tank is designed with freshwater and tropical fish in mind and comes with the appropriate lighting to support the fish and the plants inside the tank.

The Aqua One Vue 480 has low energy LED lighting that blows up the colors in the tank and trickle filtration to maintain water quality and keep it clear.

One of the advantages of having trickle filtration is that media cartridges are easy to remove and clean.

You don’t need to interfere with the fish during cleaning. The Aqua One Vue 480 also has a hinged lid for easy feeding and to allow for the addition of equipment like a heater to the tank.

The tank also has a stand with a built-in cabinet that is elegant and provides plenty of additional space.

The cabinet has no shelves so you can place tall items inside.

However, previous users have noted that without proper care, the lamination that gives the cabinet that wooden look peels off, which something you need to consider before going all out for the tank.

The ease of cleaning and maintenance and the fact that the tank comes with all the necessary equipment makes it an ideal option for beginner and intermediate aquarists.

The Alternative-  Interpret Fish Pod Tank

If you’re skittish about the laminate peeling off and don’t want to take any chances, the Interpret Fish Pod Glass Aquarium makes a great alternative.

It’s even better if you’re not looking for the storage space. Its range of features include;

  • Curved glass for a panoramic view
  • Works with tropical and cold water setups
  • It’s easy to maintain and clean, and it comes with a cartridge filter system
  • The lighting system has day and night options included
  • It measures 39 by 33 by 43 cm with ultra-strong 4mm glass.

Aqua One Eco Style

aqua one eco style tank

For first-time aquarium owners, the Aqua One Ecostyle tank is perfect. Other than the tank, you get other tools and equipment that will set you up for success as you start your journey as an aquarist.

The tank features low energy LED lighting, a circulation pump, and trickle filtration.

The only item you might have to buy separately is a heater if you intend to keep tropical fish. But for a cold-water setup, the tank comes with everything you need.

Trickle filtration means easy to clean the easily accessible media cartridges. The maintenance process doesn’t interfere with fish which is an added benefit.

The Alternative – Fluval Spec V Tank

The Fluval Spec V Aquarium makes a great alternative to the Aqua One Eco-style. This 5-gallon tank offers a variety of benefits and features to beginner and intermediate aquarium lovers. Some of its features are;

  • Etched-glass with an aluminum trim
  • A power 37 LED lighting system
  • Has a foam block
  • It has BioMax Bio rings and activated carbon
  • Measures 17.2 by 10.6 by 6.3 inches.

The Aqua One 320

aqua one start 320

This 28-liter tank is designed for beginners and aquarium lovers that want a low maintenance tank. It comes with Phillips Lighting (PL) lamps built into the hood and has a matching cabinet for some extra storage space.

The tank is better suited for tropical and cold water settings and has a built-in internal filter but no heater.

All of the tank’s accessories are easy to set up and get running in just a few minutes. The tank is affordable and a great option if you’re testing the waters and are not sure whether aquariums are for you.

There’s plenty of space in the tank to play around with different decoration themes, depending on where you would like to place the tank.

The Alternative- Tetra Aquarium Starter 

If the Aqua One 320 doesn’t tickle your fancy, or you would like something different, you can try the Tetra Aquarium Starter Line LED Fish Tank Complete set. This 30 liter set up has plenty to offer it includes;

  • A strong build made from 6 mm thick glass
  • A practical lead with a feeding flap
  • A power Tetra EasyCrystal filter with two replacement cartridges
  • A 75-watt heater
  • TetraMin staple food and Tetra AquaSafe water conditioner

The Aqua One 500

aqua one 500 tank

The Aqua One 500 has a 65-liter capacity and is part of the Start Collection of tanks from Aqua One designed for beginners. The tank measures 50 by 34 by 49cm.

It comes with the Phillips Lighting lamp built into the hood and a matching cabinet for some additional space. The tank is perfect if you’re after having a large school of fish. It works for marine, cold water, and tropical fish.

Unfortunately, with this tank, you don’t get a heater or filtration system. But Aqua One has a variety of filters and heaters that are suitable for the tank, which you can buy separately.

Since the tank is designed for beginners, the setup is quick and easy, resulting in a sturdy tank that is easy to maintain.

The Alternative- Ciano Black Aquarium

The 71-liter Ciano Black Aqua 80 LED Tropical Glass Aquarium is a great alternative when you want a bigger tank with more features. This set up offers;

  • A full set up with a filter, filter media and lights
  • Accessories include one biological filter, 1 LED lighting system, one LED converter, one 260l/h water pump, one heater (100Watts), one dose of Water-clear, one foam, and an instruction guide for set up.
  • The tank measures 80 by 30 by 41.5cm and has a gross weight of 16.62kg.

The Aqua One 620

aqua one aqua vue 480 tank

The Aqua One 620 is an exciting pick that offers impressive visibility through the use of quality floated glass and strength from a  single sheet of glass with curved corners for seamless viewing.

The tank comes in silver and black finishes and holds up to 90 liters of water in a 62 by 38 by 53cm frame. Its design includes two matching-door cabinets, which you can also decide to buy separately.

With the tank, you get built-in dual spectrum T5 PL lighting under the hood with the option of upgrading depending on the kind of setup you want for your tank.

You also get a wet and dry system which is adequate for a tank of its size to improve oxygen intake and also keep the water clean.

The filtration media is easy to clean and the tank at large is relatively easy to maintain.

This is a great tank if you want to keep several fish and works for all setups, including tropical, cold water, and marine.

The Alternative- Tetra Aquarium

The Tetra Aquarium Starter Line LED Fish Tank comes in at 80 liters. It’s slightly bigger than the Aqua One 620 but still within the same budget range, which is why this is an excellent alternative to the 620. Its range of features include;

  • 6mm thick glass
  • Robust lid with a feeding flap
  • The tank is fitted with the power Tetra EasyCrystal filter and comes with two replacement cartridges
  • A reliable 75-watt water heater
  • TetraMin Staple Food and Tetra AquaSafe Water Conditioner

The Aqua One 620 T

aqua one 620 T tank

The Aqua One 620 T is a 130-liter tank constructed suing floated glass with curved corners for an unobstructed view. The tank has a matching cabinet and is big enough to be the centerpiece for any space.

It’s available in black and comes with Dual Spectruct T5 PL lighting built into the hood of the tank. You also get a wet and dry filter built into the tank for increased oxygen intake and improved cleaning ability.

This is a great tank to hold multiple types of fish and the maintenance and cleaning of the tank is relatively straightforward.

The tank doesn’t come with a user manual to help with the setup. But you can download the PDF version, which is just as handy.

The Alternative- Aquarium FishTank 120 Liter

The alternative is the Aquarium Fishtank 120-liter tank. It comes with;

  • Premium curved glass for a 180-degrees uninterrupted view
  • Lighting and filtration built into the hood
  • Free mechanical, chemical and biological media included
  • Perfect for tropical and freshwater fish keeping

The Aqua One Style 850

aqua one style 850 tank

The Aqua One Style 850 has plenty that you’re going to love. The tank is constructed from premium floated glass with curved corners, so you never miss any action inside the tank.

In addition to the stunning 165-liter tank, you also get a matching oak cabinet with two doors. You also get reflector lighting, a wet and dry system that is more effective in its duties and easier to clean and maintain.

The tank is perfect for all applications include marine applications and ideal for experienced aquarists with multiple fish.

The Alternative – Interpret Aquaverse Tank

The 160-liter Interpret Aquaverse Glass Aquarium Fish Tank is an excellent alternative to the Aqua One Style 850. Its features include;

  • It comes with an effective internal cartridge filter system.
  • Has a customized graphite cabinet available
  • Perfect for tropical and cold water setups
  • Works for beginners
  • Comes with a heater, filtration, filter start and is tape safe

The Aqua One 980

aqua one 980 tank

The Aqua One 980 is the ultimate tank for modern homes and offices. It has a contemporary design and exception visual appeal that will complement any space.

Like other Aqua One tanks, the 980 is made from quality curved glass to maximizing viewing and holds 215 liters of water. It is large enough to be the centerpiece of any space and comes with an appealing cabinet that you can also buy separately if you want.

The tank comes with wet and dry filtration and lighting built into the hood. The tank and accessories can handle up to 71 tropical fish measuring about 3cm in length. It can also house marine varieties with minimal maintenance. Given its sheer size, the 980 is better suited for experienced aquarists who are looking to expand their tanks.

The Alternative- Boyu 220L Fish Tank

The 220L Aquarium Fish Tank and Cabinet makes the perfect alternative to the 980. Its impressive collection of features include;

  • Premium glass with curved corners for a 180 degrees view
  • Built-in filtration and lighting
  • The tank comes with a customized cabinet
  • Free mechanical, biological and mechanical filter media
  • Suitable for marine, tropical and freshwater fish keeping.

The Aqua One Reef 300

aqua one reef tank

For marine lovers, the Aqua One Reef is the perfect tank. It’s designed and built for saltwater set up.

The 300-liter tank is made from a plastic and glass alloy to armor it against the effects of salt.

The chic styling makes it perfect for open spaces, and the Opti glass gives it a unique look and crystal clear viewing.

The tank comes with an array of accessories that include a matching cabinet, a built-in sump, pipework, filtration media, heart, protein skimmer, circulation pump as well as a Quadrolite 4 Tube T5 lighting system.

The tank can hold a staggering 31 marine fish measuring 3 inches and can also be used as a tropical tank to hold over 100 fish.

The collection of accessories ensures proper growth and maintenance of all marine life, including corals and plant life. Aqua One also has a variety of marine décor that you can add to the tank to give it some extra pop.

The Alternative- Boyu Aquarium and Cabinet

The Boyu Aquarium Fish Tank and Cabinet offers the same capacity and accessories as the Aqua One Reef 300. The tanks features include;

  • A 300 aquarium tank for tropical and marine use
  • Comes with built-in hood filtration and two 16-watt LED light tubes
  • A matching cabinet

The Aqua One UFO 550

aqua one UFO tank

The Aqua One UFO 550 is a quirky looking tank designed to take advantage of unusable spaces in the house like corners.

It’s a space-saving corner tank that comes with accessories which include a wet and dry filtration system built into the hood.

With the Aqua One UFO 550, you can finally make the blank corner spaces the center of attention in your home.

The unique shape of the tank presents you with numerous options for decoration, and Aqua One has a variety that you can take a closer look at.

Unfortunately, the tank does not come with a heater, but if you want a tropical setup, you can look into the options that Aqua One has to offer.


With Aqua One, fish keeping is an easier and fun hobby.

Their extensive range of tanks caters to beginners, intermediates, and even experienced aquarists.

All the tanks are made using high-quality materials with stunning designs that will make your new tank the envy of everyone.

Most of the tanks also come with accessories like filtration, heating, and lighting, which makes them cheaper compared to buying the accessories separately.