Best aquarium heaters

So you’re looking for a decent heater for your tank?

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You can either read through the buyer’s guide or scroll down to the tank by tank list.

Aquarium heater guide for tropical and marine tanks

Best tropical aquarium heaters

Tip – Make sure you check the dimensions of your tank before purchasing our recommended heaters – These are as a guide. Modern tanks come in all shapes and sizes so just double check before you purchase.

We’ve used lots of different heaters over the years and can safely say that our top-rated one is the Fluval E advanced heater.

It comes in a range of sizes to suit all tanks (see table below) and has some advanced functions to help monitor your tanks heat better.

I currently have one of these in my Fluval Flex tank and I know it will fit the Fluval Spec tank too (just) from experience.

There are other heaters that can be used in both those tanks I prefer to use these ones as you can see the temperature and don’t need an extra thermometer.

Top rated – Fluval E series

Key features

  • Colour display to show the current temperature situation (blue = too cold, green = in range, red = too warm). The heater works to stay in the green automatically
  • LCD screen to dismay the current temperature.
  • Excellent cover to prevent the fish from getting in.
  • Flashing screen if the tank is at risk

Best aquarium heaters Fluval E

These are submersible (underwater) heaters that can be used in all tropical fish tanks.


Best value – Hindom blast proof series

The Hindom range of heaters comes in at a significantly lower cost than the Fluval series as you’re not getting as good a heater, in our opinion.

The heater has a range from 16 degrees up to 32 degrees.

Based on the reviews for this product you need to size up from the manufactures guidelines to get the right heat in to your tank.

It also takes some time to get up to the required heat – these are the main reasons we’ve selected the Fluval heater as the top rated one.

Here’s the size guide from the manufacturer –

Aquarium heaters - size guide

From what I’ve read it’s advisable to go up at least 1 size from the aquarium size you have.

second best heater for small aquarium


As you can see above it comes with the holders and suctions for the glass. In terms of value this is a decent heater at a lower cost than the Fluval.

I’ve rated the Fluval heater as the best as its got the thermometer built in and when I’ve been using it the temperature is really stable – I’ve used it for over a year for an office tank.

Biorb Aquarium Heaters

If you have the life then check the size but our top rated heater should fit your tank.

Here we’re looking at the best heater for the classic biorb tank.

Due to the nature of the tank there’s not really a lot of choice around other than 2 from biorb themselves.

The heater can be bought here and is large enough for all classic tanks. It includes a connect for the side of the tank too.

biorb aquarium heater


Why choose this one?

  • Includes adjustable heater and glass thermometer to monitor water temperature
  • Suitable for all biOrb aquariums
  • Holder fitted with suction cups for the safe and guaranteed easy fastening of the heating rod on the aquarium