Are Fish in a Micro Tank The Lowest Maintenance Pet Out There?

Pound for pound and dollar for dollar, a fish or two in a micro tank or nano-habitat could possibly be the lowest maintenance live pet you can own. And, the aquarium makes for a nice piece of room decor if you spend a little time picking the right tank, fish species, lighting and accessories.

Look at it this way, a fish in an aquarium comes in a self-contained, safe enclosure. Unlike dogs, cats or other animals that go outside, your new fish saves you a ton of money on fencing, pet beds, pet enclosures or towers, grooming, outdoor and indoor toys and more. You definitely won’t need to visit for specialty pet fencing for your new fish. And, best of all, you probably won’t have to take your fish to the veterinarian anytime soon.

Barring any disasters in the room, your fish is pretty much going to stay in the aquarium and will eat however much fish food you give it. You’ll have to clean the tank and carefully change the water periodically, but otherwise your fish may be the lowest-maintenance member of the family in your household.

Is a low-maintenance pet the best choice for you? Some people attribute a ton of personality to their dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, snakes and other active, live animals, and may not see the appeal of a low-maintenance pet like a fish. The fish comes with not a lot of worry. If you’re diligent about keeping the tank cleaned and the water changed on schedule, then you’ll have a happy, healthy fish that you can enjoy for days, weeks, months or even years to come!