Avoiding Electrical Fires With Your Aquarium

Here’s something to be aware of for the beginning aquarium aficionado regarding fire safety. The number one thing to know as a new aquarium owner, whether it’s a small tank or a large aquarium, is that you don’t need to worry too much about fire safety in the beginning.

These fire safety tips were contributed by fire damage mitigation firm Property MD. These are great things to know courtesy of those who see the after-effects of fire damage every single day.

Most aquarium systems draw an electrical load similar to a small appliance, so you don’t have to worry much about fires when your aquarium is still new. You need to start getting concerned as the aquarium and its systems get older, particularly in the heater and filter parts of your system.

Also, be aware of your home’s age and general condition. The majority of home electrical fires are caused first by faulty electrical outlets, followed by outdated appliances. The category of outdated appliances includes outdated components in your appliances including the power cords, which may have become frayed or worn over time. This is particularly true in areas where the cords are being impacted constantly by friction from foot traffic, office chairs, etc.

Also, you can avoid danger easily by keeping your aquarium, when it is heated, away from combustible carpet, rugs or curtains that can start a fire. Bringing up rugs and carpets is a reminder that you shouldn’t run power cords under rugs. Plus, if you are thinking of making the mistake of running a power cord under the rug, make sure you also are not using an extension cord in the long-term. Extension cords are meant to be temporary extensions only, and should not be used for permanent aquarium placement.

Hope this helps! You would think a tank of water would naturally be fire-proof, but aquariums represent some degree of danger due to their small appliance electrical characteristics.