The Best Non-Aquarium Gifts for Someone Special

SmallTanks had a great summer season! In what is normally a dead spot in our website traffic due to the slower summer season, we saw increases in readers and advertising revenue across the board!

Our biggest expense as a home hobbyist themed site is content creation and time. Our hosting, technology and marketing expenses are optimized to a minimum due to the nature of our ownership. The nice part about SmallTanks is that it is really simple for this website to survive and expand naturally without having to spend alot of money.

That means when advertising revenue goes well, we have money left over! So, instead of getting more aquarium-related stuff (I have plenty already!), I bought a combat knife. Seems kinda random?

I went with a model from Tkell Knives, mainly for the looks and the background on the craftsman.

Why would a home blogger want a combat knife? More like, why not? I wanted something impulsive and something that I didn’t really need, and I also wanted something I could take with me when I go off into the woods on long hikes, mountain biking or camping trips.

This knife looks great and is a great deterrent to have on my belt should I run into someone on the trail that is unsavory or up to no good.

It seemed like a great idea when I bought the knife!