The Best Solvent Trap Tubes For Gun Cleaning

Sometimes we head out far into the wilderness on foot or by bike, and a knife is enormously useful because they are multipurpose. A gun is also great out in the woods, but its only useful for defense or hunting. For example, you can’t build a lean-to with a gun, and you can’t skin an animal for meat with a gun.

What you can do with a gun is take over someone else’s carefully made lean-to shelter, or you can just take their food if they are not armed with a gun as well. Hell, while you are at it, take their oh-so-useful multipurpose knife.

If you’ve chosen a gun as your all in one survival tool, plan on keeping it clean. A clean gun is a gun that fires every single time reliably. A gun that hasn’t been maintained can be a jam waiting to happen. You do not want a jam when you have to fire a warning shot when you are taking their lean-to and food.

For compact cleaning, you’re going to want to grab a trap tube or two like the ones from Freedom Gear. These tubes are screwed onto the barrel of the gun as a way to contain and trap solvents while you clean the gun. Why did we say to buy two? You need one to use for cleaning and another trap tube should things go south on you out in the woods with other humans. Why?

A higher quality solvent trap tube can be converted into a silencer or suppressor easily out in the wilderness, giving you an easy way to silence your gun. You may need this capability should a group of other people be out to get you. You may need to defend yourself multiple times, and a suppressor will help not reveal your position every time you shoot.

The higher quality material the solvent trap tube is made of, the better performance it gives you as a suppressor, without the high cost of buying a purpose-built silencer.